Our Customers Say

Thanks to Graphicfy I can provide beautiful wedding templates to my customers and the best thing it’s that the prices are ridiculous!

John Greitland

Wedding photographer

I have a big club close to the beach. Before using Graphicfy’s flyers, I needed to spend several dollars each week to hire a designer to make a new flyer for the weekend events. Now I can do it for just $3 per week! I can’t be happier!

Frances Boçu

Club Mannager

It’s awesome how I can show to our customers how their apps will look before making them just using the mockups of Graphicfy. I don’t need anything else.

Gretta Williams

Marketing assistant in an app developing company

I usually use tGraphicfy’s design to make the posters of my events or add effects to my pictures. Even if you try, you will not find anything cheaper and so good.

Alex García